Maharajas Express

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With the Indian Luxury Train you travel through the untouched and colorful region of India. You sleep on board the train, enjoy the best Indian food and make many special trips along the way. Maharajas, in Hindi, means the King of the Kings, or India's "Maharaja," who has such a name on his own. Despite its novelty, the ambitious operation of the Dajun train has entered the market with the positioning of "India's most expensive luxury train". As a result of this ambitious project, the young train will be able to win successive world-class travel awards in 2010 And was hailed as one of "the most luxurious 8 train routes in the world". In 2012, it won the title of "World's Best Train" by the World Travel Awards. In just two years, it climbed the peak of the world's luxury train. The quality of service and the excellence of the route are evident to all and this is why it won the favor of Raffles International. Follow us on the train to experience the romantic Indian railway journey.

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